C.A.R.E.- Inactive

C.A.R.E. – Communication, Attitude, Responsibility, Excellence

Does your show choir C.A.R.E.?

What makes show choir special? What creates that magical atmosphere we have come to know as the foundation of a choir family? Perhaps it is all based on the ability to C.A.R.E. If one examines the common themes of great programs, the quality organizations always focus on the C.A.R.E. of their fellow members, their directors, and all those connected with the program. Does your choir C.A.R.E.?

The acronym is more than a clever label, it is the essence of why any group becomes successful. It is the elusive indescribable climate we all recognize, but often overlook in our quest for quality, and yet it provides the forum we all need to achieve a high level of musical excellence.


Is there open and safe communication among the members of the group? Do the upperclassmen spend time with the new members? Do various sections of the group work together with a unified understanding? We know communication is the key to all forward motion and problem resolution. Encourage one another to reach out to other members of the group; harmony and balance apply to more than great music-making.


What kind of attitude is generated by the group members? Do people look forward to the time together in a environment based on positive support and encouragement? Since every individual has total control over his/her attitude, this may be the most important area of personal contribution to the band family. There is no substitute for a healthy attitude; it is as important as good intonation.


The word literally means, “the ability to respond.” Do people seriously embrace their responsibilities? Do they come to rehearsals ready to invest their efforts and energies for the ongoing growth and development of the group’s goals? Do they understand their personal contribution (both positive and negative) plays a crucial role in the outcome of the group’s success? Does the group RESPOND to the director in a fashion that will advance the entire organization to the next level of artistry?


Is “excellence” the key-word for everything connected with the program? Excellence is the by-product of seeking quality, and quality can be applied to every aspect of life. Whether it is putting away music after a practice, straightening the rehearsal room, or practicing scales, all of these (plus every other action) need to reflect a sense of excellence; to “excel,” to go beyond the requirements, to put forth the extra effort.

The veteran choir people know “the feel” of a group that C.A.R.E.S. We can all take voice lessons from the best teachers, build a great choir with all the latest high-tech equipment, get access to a huge budget, purchase the finest music available, and surround the group with wonderful teachers, but the secret ingredient comes from within the group; the ability to C.A.R.E.

Don’t chase the dream by going on trips, buying new equipment, even changing directors; you will be sorely disappointed. The answer lies within the members of the group. When the people IN THE GROUP decide to unselfishly GIVE TO THE GROUP, it’s then we realize the value OF THE GROUP; a gathering of wonderful young musicians who genuinely C.A.R.E. for one another….and that, in the end, is priceless…