The Tarpon Springs Choral Boosters welcomes you to the Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory for the Arts.  Your family is now a member of a prestigious and award winning program!  It is also a pleasure to welcome you as a voting member to the Tarpon Springs Choral Boosters!

Mrs. McCormick has already been hard at work setting up the shows for this year – always providing outstanding entertainment.  We are pleased to share with you some important dates so we can have a head start on making this the best year possible.

All Choral Parent Information Meetings are held once a quarter on a Monday at 7:30pm (see events tab for specific times).  Please join us in the choral room to keep informed on your child’s participation and upcoming needs/events.  Your participation is a necessity to make the program a success!   We also strongly encourage you to become a registered volunteer.  Volunteer registration is required to serve in any capacity with the school district.

Other dates and events will probably be added to the calendar – car washes, tag days, holiday concerts, lots to get involved with!!

If you have any questions – please contact a member of the Tarpon Springs Choral Boosters Board of Directors.  We represent and are here to serve you and the program



Please note site is still under development for this year more information is coming.  Thank you for your patience!!